SEBO Vacuums

SEBO vacuum cleaners are manufactured exclusively in Germany. With models like the Automatic X4 and Felix upright vacuums, SEBO is on it’s way to becoming a household name in the vacuum cleaner industry. One of the key features of any SEBO vacuum is it’s ability to lay flat to the floor while cleaning, helping to reach under bed frames and other furniture that would otherwise be inaccessible by a vacuum cleaner. Our showroom in Braintree, MA offers an exclusive look into the complete line of SEBO vacuums including canisters, uprights, the Disco floor polisher and the compatible vacuum bags for each model.  Call 781-849-9100 for more information or for help selecting the right SEBO vacuum for you!

The SEBO Felix Uprights are compact, yet unmatched in terms of suction and maneuverability for vacuums of this manageable size.  For aesthetic appeal, these models are available in Rosso (red), White, Onyx (black), Ice Blue, and Fun (orange).

The Automatic X series of SEBO vacuum cleaners are a more conventional bunch of upright vacuums.  Their low-profile and automatic height adjusting power nozzle make quick work of carpeting and bare floors.  The SEBO Automatic X Series is available in Black, Blue, Red, and White with either a 12 inch brushroll or a 15 inch brushroll.

For a smaller, compact canister vacuum, most turn to the SEBO Airbelt K Series.  This style of SEBO canister vacuum comes with either a power nozzle or a turbo nozzle, and is available in a variety of colors.

Full-sized SEBO canister vacuums can be found in the Airbelt D Series.  Most commonly found as the D4, these vacuums contain massive vacuum bags and impressive suction power, and are predominantly found in red, black or white.

 SEBO Felix 1 Premium Upright vacuun Sebo Automatic X4 Upright vacuum SEBO Airbelt K3 Canister vacuum SEBO Airbelt D4 Canister Vacuum SEBO E Series Canister Vacuum
SEBO Felix SEBO Automatic X SEBO Airbelt K SEBO Airbelt D4 SEBO E Series